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The certified specialists at Delete Pest Elimination understand the complexities of providing pest control, and regular pest protection for commercial entities such as restaurants, warehouses, shopping centers, churches, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and more. We are specialists with these types of facilities and are confident that we can provide an effective and efficient service for your commercial facility.

Some of the Types of Commercial Accounts we Service:


We fully comprehend the importance of preventing pests before they have the opportunity to threaten your customers’ safety and taint the public’s perception of your establishment. Pest problems unfortunately result in the health department issuing low sanitation grades, which can do major damage to your business. Partner with Delete Pest Elimination for specific programs to eliminate and prevent unwanted pests.


We customize pest control programs for the unique needs of Residential Care communities and for hospitals and clinics. Our detailed pest program will meet government audit requirements as well as keep your patients, residents and staff safe from unsanitary pests. We focus on inspection, ongoing monitoring and non-chemical products as often as possible. Delete Pest Elimination will you maintain a pest-free and healthy environment.


It’s extremely important to provide a stellar guest experience in the hospitality industry. One unexpected pest incident can not only damage your reputation but also threaten the safety of your guests. For these reasons, Delete Pest Elimination offers thorough protection against common pests and proactive options against bed bugs. With nearly 30 years servicing the hospitality industry, we understand your unique needs and will help you avoid pest problems before they occur.


Created exclusively for the demands of retail food establishments, our thorough pest solution provides everything you need to get rid of pests in your store once and for all. Our highly qualified and highly trained Service Technicians are equipped with the industry’s most innovative products and equipment. You can count on us to help you enhance customer satisfaction and uphold your reputation by providing a sanitary, pest-free store


Maintain a pest-free establishment with a Food & Beverage maintenance program from Delete Pest Elimination. Our experienced professionals will help you earn stronger audit scores as well as provide business insights designed to help you improve results throughout all your facilities. We take a proactive approach to pest elimination, which in turn helps you meet the need for greater consistency and documentation.


Delete Pest Elimination will help keep unwanted pests out of your facility, and out of your consciousness. As a business leader, you can’t afford to spend your time worrying about a pest infestation affecting your employees, creating unexpected costs, or damaging your company’s image. Partnering with Delete Pest Elimination will help you manage operational costs, while enhancing your image by ensuring a clean, pest-free environment.

See us below at work eliminating your pest problems!


Treating a commercial kitchen with a low Impact fogging organic material.


Using our crack and crevice equipment to flush out all bugs.


Inspecting and treating with a low Impact Material on a food prep area.


Flushing all pest from a dish washing area.


Inspecting for any remaining bugs (if any) after treatment.


Crevice and crack flushing of a bar area.

Using a low volume, low impact fogging for fruit fly elimination.

Getting to the bottom of the roach problem.

Small refrigerator with bugs on the legs and motor.


Knowing the proper location and placement of traps is an important part of eliminating your rodent problems, especially in a commercial establishment.

Flushing roaches out of hard to reach areas with the use of a commercial fogging unit

PESTS DON’T STAND A CHANCE… Call us 1-800-630-3006